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The Vectorization of Drawings

The experts of the Engineering Service Center "Model-R" perform a manual vectorization (digitization) of the engineering and construction drawings, floor plans, schemes of different types and other images. An original paper drawing or its scanned copy or photocopy is required for drawing digitization.

Table of Contents

  1. What is an Image Vectorization

  2. An Automatic and Manual Vectorization

  3. A Manual Drawing Vectorization

  4. The Cost of Vectorization

  5. The Vectorization Examples

What is an Image Vectorization?

The easiest way to digitalize an image is to scan or photograph it. In less than a minute, you get an image file that can be archived, printed or sent in email. Unfortunately, the raster image has a number of disadvantages:Example of vectorization

  • it’s impossible to modify it;
  • the image definition is reduced when zoomed in;
  • the image precision is lost when printing;
  • the file is large.

The vector format has none of the above disadvantages: the image can be modified, scaled, printed with high precision, and the file is much smaller. The only disadvantage of the vector image is the complexity of its making. All objects of such image are based on functions. The task of vectorization is to the represent the image as a set of segments, lines, arcs, polygons, and other elements.

An Automatic and Manual Vectorization

There are two types of image digitization: automatic and manual. An automatic vectorization is carried out with a special-purpose software and used to digitize emblems, logos and photos.

The manual vectorization is a more precise and labor-intensive process and usually used to digitize more complex and precise images, such as drawings, diagrams and plans. This type of digitization requires a manual image decomposition into elementary parts and their representation as a set of segments, arcs, and lines.

A Manual Drawing Vectorization

Our engineers perform drawing vectorization on a by-order basis with KOMPAS, AutoCAD, and other software packages. We digitize engineering and construction drawings, plans, diagrams and maps on a paper, Whatman paper, tracing paper, and blue paper. We also can digitize a scanned copy or a photocopy of images.

The minimum order quantity is one image

We also perform image vectorization using Customer‘s styles, fonts, and blocks, elaborate drawings using different scales, execute drawings in accordance with the Unified System of Engineering Drawings, translate the technical requirements, and more.

The Cost of Vectorization

Drawing Size The complexity of drawing
Low Medium High
1 Формат А4 4$ 7$ agreed price
2 Формат А3 7$/td> 10$ agreed price
3 Формат А2 10$ 17$ agreed price
4 Формат А1 17$ 25$ agreed price
5 Формат А0 25$ 37$ agreed price
     Unit Cost   
Making amendments to the finished drawing 1 hour 15$   

The table shows the estimated cost depending on the complexity of the drawing. Moreover, discount is provided if you order several similar drawings.

The precise cost of the works is calculated individually after getting the drawings. Drawings can be provided using the website form or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Vectorization Examples

The task The result
Vectorization of tool - the task
Vectorization of tool - the result
  download 3D model of tool
The task The result
Vectorisation of maps - the task
Vectorisation of maps - the result

Vectorisation of images


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