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Structural calculations

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" makes calculation of structures of various purposes.

We perform:

Design and calculation of structures

Structural calculations

Before start the manufacture of any structure (product, building, instrument or equipment), it is necessary to design it in detail. Design begins with an idea, then the main nodes and mechanisms should be developed, and the design of the product is finally modeled for further calculation.

We perform design and calculation of structures in CAD/CAM/CAE automatic design systems. In any case, the person decides and designs not the machine. Our staff employs experienced engineers who will design and calculate without any problems any construction or engineering structure, as well as household items.


Calculation of engineering structures

We carry out calculations of engineering structures in accordance with your terms of reference and the current regulatory documentation.

In general, the calculation is in the following work:

  • structure operation analysis;
  • simplification (if necessary) of the calculation scheme or breakdown of the calculation into several stages;
  • the definition of boundary conditions and the application of the load;
  • conducting CE, analytical calculation (calculation by methods of resistance) or calculation by empirical formulas;
  • analysis of the results;
  • compilation of a report.

We carry out a full range of works on all types of calculations of engineering structures.

Calculation of structural stability

Safe operating properties of the structure are a prerequisite for SP 20.13330.2011 Loads and impacts (updated version of SNiP 2.01.07-85).

There are the following types of stability calculation:

  • calculation of stability against rollover;
  • calculation of the stability of beams of crane tracks;
  • checking local stability (walls of beams, columns, trusses, nodes);
  • calculation of structural stability to aerodynamic oscillations (to galloping, divergence and flutter);
  • calculation of stability against wind and snow loads (stability against wind and snow).

Dynamic structural calculations

Dynamic structural calculations

Dynamic structural calculations should be made to determine the impact of inertial forces on the operation and reliability of the structure. Dynamic structural calculations according to "SP 20.13330.2011 Loads and impacts" is required to be performed if the second own frequency of the building is less than the limiting one.

The calculation is done by the finite element method. As a result of calculation, in addition to the report, you will receive beautiful videos (animations) of the design work in dynamics.


Real construction calculation

Calculation of real construction is required to determine the reliability, stability and response to external factors.

We doing calculate the real constructions by the following methods:

  • finite element calculation;
  • calculation of the design using the methods of resistance of materials;
  • calculation by empirical formulas.

Thus, you receive calculations from various sources, which confirm the actual behavior of the structure.

Calculations of real structures allow to prevent emergency situations, prepare structures for reconstruction and modernization, analyze the causes of destruction or pre-failure behavior of structures.

To estimate the cost of design calculation, send to our e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. technical specification and 3D-model or design drawing, if available.

We guarantee full confidentiality!

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License for design (SRO admission)

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" is licensed to perform all types of design works.

We are part of the SRO «Professional association of designers of the Moscow region „Mosoblprofproject”», admission to performance: Certificate No. 0588.00-2017-5036154420-П-140

Model-R License for design

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