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Calculation of snow and wind loads

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" makes calculations of buildings and constructions for snow, wind loads, and also fora limit of fire resistance.

Calculation of snow load

Calculation of snow loads

When designing buildings and structures it is necessary to check them for solidity against the action of all kinds of loads according to "SP 20.13330.2011 Loads and impacts". One of the types of short-term loads are climatic loads.

To calculate snow loads, it is necessary to determine the loading scheme, to determine the normative value of the snow load taking into account the snow drift rate and to perform the calculation. The calculation is performed by the finite element method, or by analytical methods, depending on the problem being solved.

It is necessary to check several different schemes for applying snow loads and calculate the snow bag for each loading scheme. Based on the results of the calculation, we provide a report describing the operation of the structure under the action of the snow load on it, as well as recommendations for strengthening the structure, if necessary.

We also carry out a verification calculation for snow loads..

Calculation of wind load for the structure

Calculation of wind loads

Wind loads should be calculated for all types of buildings and structures..

The wind makes a special contribution to the construction of the building. These are powerful peak values of wind force, as well as such phenomena as galloping, divergence and flutter, resonant vortex excitation for high-rise buildings. Calculated wind loads are defined as the sum of the external and pulsating components.

Efforts and displacements under the action of wind loads can reach critical values, so it is necessary to calculate and evaluate their values competently.

Also, the dynamic comfort of people staying in buildings depends on the impact of wind loads.

Calculation of fire resistance limit

The main indicator of fire resistance of buildings and structures is the fire resistance limit.

To determine the fire resistance limit of the structure, it is necessary to calculate the fire resistance limit according to a "Methodological recommendations for the calculation of fire-resistance and fire-protection of reinforced concrete structures".

Modern methods of calculation allow us to solve the problem of determining the fire resistance of a structure (the heat conduction problem) by the finite element method.

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License for design (SRO admission)

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" is licensed to perform all types of design works.

We are part of the SRO «Professional association of designers of the Moscow region „Mosoblprofproject”», admission to performance: Certificate No. 0588.00-2017-5036154420-П-140

Model-R License for design

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