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Calculation of metal structures

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" performs all types of calculation of metal and reinforced concrete structures.

Various methods of structural calculations are used: finite element calculations, finite volume method, empirical, reference books and GOSTs, as well as analytical calculations using methods of resistance of materials.

Structural calculations for solidity

Calculation of the strength of metal structures

Calculation of metal structures for solidity implies the construction of a calculation model, the definition and application of loads, directly calculation and analysis of the results.

The design model can be displayed manually or in a 3D program, depending on the design calculation method.

Usually, metal structures are operated in the elastic zone, but it happens, under extreme loads (for example, snow), the metal passes into the plastic zone, stress redistribution is observed throughout the structure and an emergency operation situation may occur.

In this case, we will calculate the reinforcement of the structure.


Calculation of structural loads

All structures from buildings and structures to machines and mechanisms are operated under the influence of external and internal loads.

In order to calculate the load on the structure, it is necessary to familiarize in detail with its work, to study normative documents, for example SP 20.13330.2011 Loads and impacts.

In addition to the loads in the design model, it is necessary to correctly enter the boundary conditions, contact, friction, fixation. The obtained result depends on the correctly computed design scheme.

Calculation of steel structures

Calculation of the node for strength

To ensure the result of the calculation of steel structures, we verified the design mechanisms on the simplest tasks and compared natural tests and calculations.

Calculation of steel structures by methods of resistance of materials does not give an idea of the real behavior of the structure and the distribution of stresses in each individual part. Resistance of materials considers only the elastic zone, and in real life it is necessary to have an idea of the critical situation of the design work.

By the aid of modern software systems, we optimize designs and help achieve maximum solidity with minimum weight.


Calculation of the stairs design

You can order our calculation of the design of the stairs for solidity and stability. We will select the necessary materials and profiles for stringboards, columns and fences.

We perform a verification calculation of a ready-made vertical or march staircase. We will do the detailed design project.

Calculation of rafter construction

The rafters are the bearing elements of the pitched roof. They support all wind and snow loads and transfer them to the frame of the building. Therefore it is very important to correctly determine the loads acting on the rafters and calculate them.

It is especially necessary to pay attention to the effect of pulsating wind loads and the reflection of air currents from closely located high-rise buildings.

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License for design (SRO admission)

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" is licensed to perform all types of design works.

We are part of the SRO «Professional association of designers of the Moscow region „Mosoblprofproject”», admission to performance: Certificate No. 0588.00-2017-5036154420-П-140

Model-R License for design

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