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Calculation of enclosing structures, building structures, verification of bearing capacity

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" carries out a full spectrum of works on designing and calculation of building structures:

Calculation of the enclosing structure

The calculation of the enclosing structures is no less important than the calculation of the basic load-bearing structures of buildings. In these types of calculations, the same principles apply as in calculations of building structures.

The main stages of work: analysis of structure, design scheme, loads, choice of calculation method, calculation and preparation of the report.

There are following types of calculations of enclosing structures for:

  • an air permeability;
  • a heat resistance;
  • a strength;
  • a vapor permeability;
  • a wind load;
  • a weather resistance.

By trusting the performance of structural strength calculations to the specialists of our company, you get a guarantee of the work of specialists in the construction industry, that perform strength calculations for a long time..

Design and calculation of building structures

Calculations of structures in construction are mandatory for all types of civil and industrial facilities. The development of the design of any structure includes necessarily strength calculations, during which the overall load-carrying structure of the building is checked, the correct assignment of elements of metal structures, the analysis of the main components, the selection of the profile of rolled metal.

Our specialists perform design and calculation of building structures in CAD/CAM/CAE automatic design systems. Depending on the requirements, we apply various methods for calculating building structures. Calculation of structures is carried out according to the Customer's technical requirements.

We perform the following stages of work at a during the calculation:

  • general analysis of structure;
  • summary of the calculation scheme and breakdown into stages;
  • definition of the existing loads;
  • carrying out analytical, empirical calculation or calculation by the finite element method;
  • analysis of the results and preparation of the report.

Building structures, calculation and design of which were made by third-party organizations, can also be checked for durability in order to obtain additional guarantees.

Design and calculation of building constructions

Building calculations

It is equally important to competently make the calculation of building construction, as well as its design. As you know, the human makes calculations, but not programs.

Specialists of The Center Of Engineering Services "Model-R" make a building constructions calculations for strength and stability, as well as for an emergency situation.

We calculate the pedestrian comfort - a new type of analysis of multi-storey buildings.

Calculations are made in accordance with a "SP 20.13330.2011 Loads and impacts", as well as European standards.


The trusses structures design and calculation

Columns and trusses are main bearing elements of industrial buildings. We design the structures of industrial buildings, and also we calculate their solidity.

The trusses calculation is the modelling of trusses, analysis of work, calculation and conclusions about the possibility of using this truss in accordance with the operating conditions of the building.

We make all kinds of calculations:

  • calculation of beams (metal and wooden beams, single-span and multi-span);
  • calculation of columns;
  • calculation of fachwerk;
  • calculation of head plate;
  • calculation of intermediate slab.

Our engineers will perform calculations of both metal and reinforced concrete and wooden structures. Calculations can be performed both by means of methods of resistance of materials, and by modern software systems.

Design and calculation of space structures

Spatial structures are usually designed in programs of solid-state parametric modelling, taking into account the possibility of large-scale production at the plants and subsequent delivery to the installation site. Our specialists specializing in architecture will build and calculate metal and reinforced concrete spatial structures.

It is also often necessary to perform a verification calculation of an existing structure to determine the reliability or monitoring of the current state.

Design and calculation of structure reinforcement

Calculation of structure reinforcement is required in cases of loss of load-carrying capacity or when the structure is on the verge of loss of bearing capacity. It occurs as a result of aging or under the influence of loads above the design and permissible for normal operation of the structure.

As a result of the calculation, we identify the most loaded elements and components of the structure, we offer amplification options for increasing reliability in the further operation of the building or any other facility.

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License for design (SRO admission)

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" is licensed to perform all types of design works.

We are part of the SRO «Professional association of designers of the Moscow region „Mosoblprofproject”», admission to performance: Certificate No. 0588.00-2017-5036154420-П-140

Model-R License for design

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