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Finite element strength calculations (FE calculations)

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" performs strength calculations for various structures by the finite element method. Calculation by the FE method is a computer modelling of an object and its behavior under the influence of various loads on it, both static and dynamic, constant, cyclic or one-time loads.

calculation of safety factor

We carry out the following types of structural strength calculations:

  1. The advantages of FE analysis
  2. Application of FE calculations
  3. Execution sequence of FE calculations
  4. Types of loads
  5. Ordering and execution of FE calculations
  6. License for design (admission SRO)


The report "State-of-the-art technologies of numerical simulation"

Dubinsky Sergey Ivanovich, Dr.-Ing., specialist in the systems and processes computer modeling:

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The advantages of FE analysis

Performing the calculation of the structure by the finite element analysis, we are able to simulate the maximum number of different impacts on the structure. In this connection, the calculations we perform fully reflect possible loads during the product use, and the computer model allows us to detect even minor stresses in the structure.

Stay ahead of the curve!

Applications of FE calculations

For the moment, the application of finite-element calculations is almost unlimited. We list only the main cases of product calculations where computer modelling will significantly reduce the time and increase the reliability of the results:

strength calculations
  1. Construction engineering:
    • Steel structures calculations;
    • Reinforced concrete structures strength calculations;
    • Analysis of wind actions on buildings, collection and analysis of loads;
    • Analysis of pedestrian comfort;
    • The behavior of structure in case of fire;
    • Solution of thermal tasks in construction (heaters, double-glazed windows, etc.);
    • Verification of calculations;
    • Seismic stability of buildings;
    • Enclosing structures calculation.
  2. Mechanical engineering:
    • Static and dynamic analysis of machine parts and mechanisms, load analysis;
    • Structures thermal analysis;
    • Simulation of resonance and analysis of proper frequencies.
  3. Wind power engineering:
    • Analysis of wind region of a given territory for the most effective arrangement of wind generators.
    • Analysis of the location and efficiency of the wind generators operation in all possible wind directions.
  4. Medicine:
    • Implantology. Analysis of various types of implants as well as implant systems;.
    • Prosthetics.

Execution sequence of FE calculations

In the process of structure strength analysis in accordance with your specifications and the available initial data, the following types of work are performed:

  • Construction 3D model of the structure;
  • Construction of the finite element system;
  • Imposition of boundary conditions, apply loads to the models;
  • Testing and verification of models;
  • FE calculations at the given working conditions of structure, loads calculation;
  • Calculation results analysis, conclusions, recommendations for improving the structure;
  • Preparation of detail report for performed work.

Types of loads

At the heart of any calculation lies the analysis and modeling of the loads acting on the structure. Depending on the purpose and operating conditions, there are the following types of loads:

  1. Constant loads: the own weight of the structure, weight and earth thrust;
  2. Permanently acting loads: weight of equipment, temporary dividing walls, pressure of gases and liquids in tanks and pipelines, loads from people;
  3. Short-term loads: loads during transportation, weight of people during equipment repair, loads from cranes, snow and ice loads, effects of temperature, wind loads;
  4. Special loads: explosive and seismic impacts, equipment failure, base deformation, soil settlement, etc.

Ordering and execution of FE calculations

The strength calculations (load calculations) are performed by the most experienced specialists of our company with more than 30 years of work experience in the strength analysis.

To estimate the cost of the structure strength calculations, you need to send us a specification and a 3D model or drawing of the structure, if any, to our e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We guarantee a responsible approach to every order and absolute confidentiality!


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License for design (SRO admission)

The Engineering Service Center "Model-R" is licensed to perform all types of design works.

We are part of the SRO «Professional association of designers of the Moscow region „Mosoblprofproject”», admission to performance: Certificate No. 0588.00-2017-5036154420-П-140

Model-R License for design

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