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Product design and development

We offer full development and design of products, including reverse engineering, that is used to design and produce the part on the base of an existing model.

Reverse engineering is a reverse design, which simplifies the process of product design. 

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 Product design and productionproektirovanie izdelii

In today's technical world, product design and development are carried out using computer modeling, fast prototyping, and field tests.

We offer all types of design, including design of technical products.

Metal product designing is carried out several times faster than a decade ago due to strength analysis based on finite element model calculations.

Furthermore, we are ready to produce metal products using own equipment.

If you order our product design, you get:

  • a reliable partner;
  • an advise on all types of issues;
  • a quality and deadline guarantee;
  • fast prototyping and production of products.

If you order drawing works, you get:

  1. А 3D model of the product. 3D model are made for:
    • precision measurement and indirect control of dimensions which can not be measured directly;
    • a three-dimensional assembly and construction assemblability tests, as well as collection of the missing dimensions which could not be measured directly;
    • further modification of the construction (if required);
    • strength assessment (if required);
    • precise elaboration of drawings on the basis of the 3D model;
    • CNC machine programming;
    • prototyping and part production using 3D printing;
  2. The drawings of products. The drawings are available as the PDF files and the drawing software's files. A drawing view of the drawings can be used to make programs for laser / plasma / hydro cutting machine.
  3. Tips and tricks to simplify and improve the product with relation to production technology.
  4. An evaluation of the part production (if required).

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