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Drawings | Elaboration of electronic and paper drawings

The Engineering Service Center "Modeler" offers designing of drawings and 3D models of products, product design, image vectorization, design & engineering.

We offer:

  • Elaboration of drawings based on the sketches;
  • Elaboration of custom-made drawings;
  • Elaboration of full range of drawings;
  • Elaboration of part drawings;
  • Making amendments to drawings;
  • Drawing translation;
  • Preparation of drawings in accordance with the Unified System of Engineering Drawings or ISO standards;
  • Design drawings;

If you order drawing works, you get:

  1. А 3D model of the product. 3D model are made for:
    • precision measurement and indirect control of dimensions which can not be measured directly;
    • a three-dimensional assembly and construction assemblability tests, as well as collection of the missing dimensions which could not be measured directly;
    • further modification of the construction (if required);
    • strength assessment (if required);
    • precise elaboration of drawings on the basis of the 3D model;
    • CNC machine programming;
    • prototyping and part production using 3D printing;
  2. The drawings of products. The drawings are available as the PDF files and the drawing software's files. A drawing view of the drawings can be used to make programs for laser / plasma / hydro cutting machine.
  3. Tips and tricks to simplify and improve the product with relation to production technology.
  4. An evaluation of the part production (if required).

Do you need a drawing?

If you order drawing works, our experts elaborate a drawing according to your task.

Table of Contents

  1. The Drawings Based on the Sketches;

  2. The Elaboration of Drawings;

  3. Types of Drawings;
  4. The 3D Modeling of Product;

  5. The Development of the Detailed Steel Structure Drawings;

  6. The Drawing Specification;

  7. The Technical Requirements for Drawings;

  8. The Example Drawing;

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The Drawings Based on the Sketches

chertegi po eskizam Do you need drawings based on the sketches?

Our engineering center experts elaborate electronic drawings based on the sketches while meeting dimensions and projections or based on a ready-made 3D model to get precise views and sections (if necessary).

We guarantee a correct elaboration of drawings and meeting all the necessary requirements.

The Elaboration of Drawings

In addition to the vectorization services and development of the detailed steel structure drawings, we elaborate drawings based on a finished part. You can order drawings based on the part in Moscow or send us a product using shipping service.

We elaborate drawings in Moscow or remotely from around the world.

The elaboration of part or finished part drawings takes a day and more depending on the product complexity. You can also order the production of any parts.

Types of Drawingsvypolnenie chertejei

Sometimes it is necessary to elaborate several types of drawings for one product.

We elaborate the following types of drawings: freehand drawing (sketch), wiring diagram, packing drawing, dimensional drawing, general drawing, assembly drawing, and mounting drawing and so on.

It is important to clarify the purposes of the drawing elaboration in order that a designer can choose an optimal drawing type that is suitable for Customer's requirements.

The drawing elaboration is subject to the different requirements, including the requirements of the State Standard (GOST) 2.109-73 "Basic requirements for drawings".

The 3D modeling of Product

The Customer often needs a 3D model of the product according to the State Standard (GOST) 2.317-68 "Axonometric projections" in addition to the drawings. The use of 3D models allows to guarantee a realistic product view and the most precise drawings.

Our designers develop the 3D models with Catia, Compass, AutoCAD or Solidworks, and the resulting model can be used for the strength analysis, assembly simulation etc.

The Development of the Detailed Steel Structure Drawings

We prepare the working documents for metal structures according to the State Standard (GOST) 21.502 2007 "Execution rules of design and working documents for metal structures" on the basis of the existing steel structure design solutions.

Download the instruction on the structure and layout of the detailed steel structure drawings.

The highly experienced designers elaborate the detailed drawings of all the elements and the 3D diagrams of steel structures as well as perform structural strength analysis.

The Drawing Specification

It is necessary to make a specification to elaborate assembly drawings in accordance with the State Standard (GOST) 2.106-96 "Unified system for design documentation. Textual documents".

You can order the specifications at our company or make them yourselves using the following templates:

It is required to fill in positions of the assembly drawing, designate each part and complete the specification in accordance with the Unified System for Design Documentation to make the product specification.

The Technical Requirements for Drawings

It is necessary to make the technical requirements applicable to the product in order to complete the execution of the drawings.

The technical requirements are needed to elaborate the drawings correctly, indicate the unspecified deviations, product surface hardness, labeling, packaging, etc.

Here are the typical notes on the architectural solution, steel structure and reinforced-concrete structure drawings, that can be used for the most of other drawings.

Download "the Typical Notes for the Architectural and Construction Drawings"

Custom-made drawings in Moscow, Russia and from around the world

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